Pumpkin Power

Published 12th of May, 2020

As Paphos slowly and carefully emerges from lockdown, the shops are beginning to re-open. With that in mind, I went down to Pumpkin House, in the Old Town, to see how Evi and her pumpkin creations were bearing up.

Sign of the Times


Old Town is quiet at the moment, but the shops are beginning to re-open. Social distancing is the new norm though, for the time being at least.


Glove Up


Pumpkin House is no different.



But you will still get a warm welcome!


I had popped in to see Evi to take some panoramic shots, which will be published later. I took the ones you see here with my phone, so apologies for the quality.

Notice also, that I am saying "I" rather than "we". Given the social distancing rules that are in force, I came here alone, leaving Alex back in sunny Polemi.

The Main Spread


Every time I visited Pumpkin House it has been ever so slightly re-arranged, and new treasures have appeared.

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