Paphos Kataklysmos Celebrations

Published 11th of June, 2022

Kataklysmos is a big deal in Cyprus. The whole island celebrates with water festivals, traditional events and numerous other activities. Traditionally the biggest celebrations occur in Larnaca, though every town and city does their bit. Paphos is having its own celebrations, and the Sea Front is teaming with stalls selling allsorts. Over the next few days there are also performances to be enjoyed at Paphos Castle. We went down to the Sea Front to join in the fun.

Peanut Brittle


We hadn't walking along the Sea Front this morning. I was driving down it making a film, and our daughter saw a nice shawl in one of the stalls, so we parked up and had a bit of a wander. We are coming in the direction of the harbour. The Archaeological Park is just behind us.

So what is Kataklysmos? A brief Google reveals the following:

Fifty days after Easter comes "Kataklysmos" - the Day of the Holy Ghost. In Cyprus it is celebrated by fairs held on the water fronts. This celebration is said to have descended to us from the feasts in honour of Aphrodite which were also held on the water fronts. To this day people go to pay homage to the "holy water fronts" , where water sports are held and people go around in boats and even splash each other just for the fun of it.

Familiar Pumpkins


I recognise those pumpkins! I can't believe I walked past Evi without stopping for a natter. In my defence the shawl our daughter was interested in was a couple of stalls down so we headed straight there first, and I didn't notice her stand. Unfortunately, at 95 euros the shawl was out of her price range, but we stayed to have a look at the rest of the stalls anyway.

Hmmm, according to our main forum, these stalls may well be here to the 20th. I had planned popping in to Pumpkin House in Part 2 of my look at Old Paphos. I was going to do that early next week, but I might delay it now. Anyway, back to the celebrations...

Religious Icons


If you have ever been to a Cypriot shrine, they are adorned with items like this. Now you know where they get them from.

Early Doors


We visited the area mid-morning. It was fairly crowded compared to recent months, but it gets a lot busier later.

Oh and speaking of activities, we list the itinerary at the end of this article. However, if you are in a rush, this is what is happening later today:


8PM Castle Square

Cypriot Traditional Dances by the Dance Grouip of the Cultural Association "Vasilitzia"

Greek popular dances by the Dance Group of Katerina Tziamalis

Dance Performance from the Black Sea by the Dance Group "Romiasini"



No Cypriot Fair would be complete without the delicious treats that are loukoumades. Little balls of yum.

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