Paphos Christmas 2021

Published 12th of December, 2021

The Paphos Christmas Lights have now been switched on, so we went out to have a look. Some old favourites are back, along with some new additions. Coupled with the existing illuminated water features, they make for a magical display.

Kennedy Square Car Park


For this article I parked at the main car park next to Kennedy Square. I took these shots on Saturday, the day after the official opening, as I wanted to avoid too many crowds.

Tree View


My first destination was the fountain, as that looks lovely at night whatever the season, provided it is switched on.


We'll get to the fountain soon enough, don't worry. I like the illumination on the sculpture here, too.

Blue Fountain



I shall be walking into Old Town for a look around, before visiting the Town Hall. After that I will stop at a couple of the roundabouts because they look pretty special too. I also did a Walkie Talkie film, and will publish that either today or tomorrow.

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