Paphos Carnival 2020

Published 2nd of March, 2020

Paphos Carnival 2020 has been and gone, and a good time was had by all. The weather was sunny, the noise was deafening, the outfits were outstanding, and Paphos had a party. These are our shots...

In The Beginning...


The carnival was due to start on Sunday at 3PM. It had been put back a day because of bad weather predictions, so with half an hour to go people were eager to get started. The event, as ever, is great fun to be a part of. There are a few marshals but they are there to help rather than keep the peace. The crowd are typically Cypriot; good-natured and out to have fun.

To The Start


The carnival will start at the Almyra and come down this hill. It then progresses along the sea front to the Archaeological Park Car Park. It is good fun watching the costume-clad participants as they march up the hill towards their floats.

For The Kids


I was a bit worried that this little girl was going to use up all her spray foam before the procession started, but her mum had plenty of spares.

Passing Joggers


We would see these ladies again soon. Incidentally, people were asking where to park for this event. I would say park as far away as you are comfortable walking. We parked in Universal and walked down from there. It was a lot easier this way, and made the journey home a lot less traumatic too!

Here We Go


Near enough on the dot of three, these ladies appeared, and the carnival began...

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