Outstanding Illustrated Maps of Paphos

Published 26th of January, 2021

When art and usefulness are interlinked the results can be extraordinary. A fine example can be seen in the wonderfully illustrated maps of Paphos produced by Anaxima. Come and see what we mean...

Hanging Around Paphos Municipality Offices


If you should happen to be visiting the Paphos Municipality Offices, you might notice this piece of art hanging from a wall. At first glance it looks like an illustrated map of Paphos. And that's exactly what it is. But look closer...


Yes, that is part of Paphos Harbour, but look closer still...

Amazing Detail!


There are a number of things to say about this picture. Firstly, it is incredibly detailed. Secondly. it is an accurate map - the roads all run where they should and the coastline is the coast of Paphos. Most importantly though, it is entirely hand-drawn. It would be relatively easy to pull satellite imagery together and convert it automatically to a drawing, but that isn't the case here. Just look at the houses, they exhibit a perspective that you won't find on any photograph. And look at the trees. They are each unique, and have clearly been drawn individually.

Tomb of the Kings


And it's not just the harbour. Most of Paphos is covered by the map. And if you think it must have taken them ages to do, you are absolutely right. It took the good people at Anaxima - who made the map - two years to draw it. I recently met up with them to find out more.

Every Home Should Have One!


Over the next two pages I will tell you all about their map making process, and show you some more examples. There is even a special code you can use to give you 25% off an order of 2 or more. If you would rather just go straight to their website then use the link below.

It would be great if the Municipality placed some of the maps around town. I think tourists and locals alike would really love them and they would be very useful as well as attractive to look at.

Visit The Anaxima Website

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