The SODAP Beaches

Published 22nd of June, 2024

Formerly owned by the SODAP Brewery Company, Vrysoudia A and B are arguably the nicest beaches in the city of Paphos. In this article we take a stroll along both, and examine an "interesting" new celebrity.

Meet The Star


These days, getting to the SODAP Beaches is easy. They are so nice that they built a big tower right next to them to make it easy for people to find. In truth, it is not that big, and on the other side of the main road. But it is true that if you can find your way to the tower you will be standing directly opposite the SODAP Beach Car Park.

We won't start our tour there though. Instead, we have walked down to the beach, and headed east as far as the sand takes us. We've done this for two reasons. Firstly, from here we can walk the length of the beach while keeping the sun behind us, making for better pictures. Secondly, there is a new Google Maps Star here, which we want to pay homage to.

And if you want to see more of Sid, this is the film we made:

The SODAP Beaches at Paphos

Meet Sid Ice Age


Yes, this rock is supposed to be Sid, from the film series Ice Age. Sid was a ground sloth, with boggly eyes. He is now a tourist attraction on Google Maps, with a star rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 24 reviews.

The first review was posted by a Ms Alice Dore, and it is the only contribution she has ever made to Google Maps. These are her words, penned a year ago:

What can I say? The highlight of our holiday in Cyprus. We saw the Tomb of the Kings shortly before, but this really took the biscuit. I only wish that Scrat and the mammoth character from Ice Age had also been there to see it

You can read all the reviews here.

Buried Skelator?


To be honest, the top of a skull you can see peering out of this rock looks more convincing to me. Perhaps I should review it?

Anyway, this shot also shows you SODAP Beach. so let's begin the tour proper.

Vrysoudia A Beach


According to the Blue Flag Website, the name of this beach is Vrysoudia A. For some reason, Google calls it Vrysoudia I, but I am going with the Blue Flag database. Anyway, it is all a bit irrelevant, because most people refer to this as SODAP Beach.

Mystery Buoys


I was puzzled by these lines of buoys. There are no watersports facilities here, so what are they there for? Do they highlight a particularly interesting place for snorkelling or something?

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