The House of Dionysus

Published 29th of February, 2020

Leopard Close-Up


They certainly didn't shy away from gore in the old days.

Tigger Too


Room 11

Hunting Scene Mosaic

The mosaic depicts trees next to an altar, a tiger and a deer with a dog running towards them. A hunter is facing a lion with his spear, while a second hunter faces a raging bull.

The animal on the right reminds me of Tigger out of Winnie the Pooh.

More Hunting


I wonder if hunting was restricted to Wednesdays and Sundays in those days?

Bring On The Moufflon


Room 12

Hunting scene mosaic

A hunter and a dog are presented, the dog biting the leg of a wild donkey. In the same panel a hunter is facing a leopard. A bear, a wild boar, moufflons and a tiger are also depicted.

Geometric Mosaic


Room 13

Geometric mosaic

Panel with a trellis.

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