The Grey Cliffs of Paphos - Part 1

Published 28th of October, 2021

A ridge of cliffs bisects the city of Paphos. Below it, Universal and Kato Paphos stretch down to the sea. Above it, the Old Town and business areas form the bulk of the rest of the city. But what of the cliffs themselves? For years I have been meaning to explore them properly, and recently I finally got around to it. I've split the article into three parts, and we shall begin above the church we featured in our last blog.

Above The Cliffs


We begin our adventure standing on top of the cliffs above Agios Georgios Chapel. You can just see that on the left. I was actually looking for an Archaeological Dig Site that had been mentioned on our forum. Somebody had said it was just below the cliffs so, well, here I am. I didn't find the dig site here, but we will eventually get there in the final part of this series.

Mysterious Doorway


While I was standing on top of the cliffs, I spied this doorway in the base.

View From The Church


This is the area I will be exploring today, and to the left. In the next articles I will cover the cliffs to the right, towards Geroskipou.

Old Walls


It was fun going for a wander here, but if you plan on doing the same I suggest you wear long trousers and decent footwear. I was wearing shorts and my legs got scratched a lot, as there are numerous types of thorns growing here.

Forgotten Ruins


Beyond the rocks, it is very overgrown. I had to fight my way through what felt like several years of dead vegetation to get to these walls. Fortunately most of it wasn't prickly but there is a bramble in here too, so tread carefully. I can assure you that it is very painful.

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