Peyia Market in 2022

Published 14th of October, 2022

A couple of years ago we wrote an article on Peyia Market. Since then, they have moved to a more convenient location. Also, Alex wanted to sell some of her artistic creations, so she had her own stall. Let's go and see how she got on, and have a look around the market.

This Must Be The Place


The new location for the market is in the carpark of Peyia Stadium. You can see it there on the right. The market runs on the first sunday of the month, from 9AM to 1PM. In our article we will start at the nearest row of stalls and move in a clockwise direction.

Jewellery Stall


There are a variety of stalls on display, ranging from art and craft through to fashion, gift ideas and food.

A Bit Of Everything


Some stalls seem to be businesses extending their market reach. Others are run by people who are having a sort of garage sale. For a few euros it is a good way of getting a bit more exposure for your clearout than you would on your front drive.

Cookies and Jam


One of the items on display here was Fasting Cookies. These are traditional Cypriot snacks designed to help them through their various Religious fasts. According to Alex they are Vegan, which would fit in with the "no meat" requirement of the rituals. I wonder if they are allowed to dip them in jam?

More Baked Goods


This lady was selling an assortment of pies and cakes.

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