Paphos Park of Colours From Above

Published 10th of October, 2022

Paphos Park of Colours is almost open. On sunday we took our drone with us to get a better look at it. So while we count down the days to its official opening, we can enjoy some nice overhead shots of the park before the crowds descend.

Autumnal Moods


The park is complete now, from what I can tell. You can now drive from Papantoniou's through the new car park and down onto the road that runs from Lidl to Old Town. This certainly comes in handy with all the roadworks, but once they are a distant memory it will still be a useful route to know.

A Map


While I was flying the drone, I noticed a few people were in the park. Some kids were on the swings, and a couple of people were reading this sign. So once I finished flying the drone I went and had a look myself. Fairly soon after I arrived I was joined by a lady who informed me that the park was not yet open. She had just been shooing the kids out!

I said sorry and immediately left, but I was able to take a few pictures with my phone beforehand. Please wait until the offical opening before you visit though.

Cafe Culture


Anyway, the map is useful as it provides a bit of structure to the blog. I can now show pictures in the order they are listed on the map. First we have the Cafe. Apparently, this is why the park is not yet open. They are waiting for it to be rented out first, as it will make the park less attractive to vandals. That's what an article in the press said a while ago, anyway.

Ground View


It will certainly be a popular venue when it is kitted out.

The Main Square


Next to the Cafe (and toilets) you will find the Main Square. I know, I know. It is actually round. But the map calls it a Square and I will honour that naming convention.

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