Paphos Harbour October Update

Published 8th of October, 2023

The walkway between Paphos Castle and the Lighthouse Beach reopened a few weeks ago, but they are still doing some work at the Harbour end. This morning we popped down to see how they were getting in, and got a nice surprise.

All Change?


We parked the car behind the restaurants, as we normally do when we come down here to take pictures. I noticed there was a lot of scaffolding stacked here, and I wondered if it meant that they were taking down the temporary seating which had graced the entrance to the castle for the last few months.

Still There


I was mistaken however. You can see the seats on the left in this shot. The signage and fencing has now been removed though, apart from in one part, which prevents you from going to the area they are still working on.

Little Bird


It is worth pointing out that the weather was quite cloudy and gloomy today. This little chap seemed undetered though.

Moody Fort


Mind you, cloudy skies do provide a more interesting background for the obligatory castle shot. But the big news is what is happening in front of it, towards the harbour...

Aphrodite Returns!


Yes, the statue of a contemporary Aphrodite has returned! This used to be located nearer to the castle, away from the walkway. Now though it is in prime position. Once the last fences are removed she will be able to watch over the harbour again, as she looks towards her rock.

This is another statue by Yiota Ioannidou, who is also responsible for The Little Fisherman that you will find on the Sea Front, as well as several other pieces around Paphos.

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