Paphos Easter 2024

Published 2nd of May, 2024

In Cyprus Easter is a bigger deal than Christmas, and they have the decorations to prove it. We went out and about around the Paphos District to check out what this year's adornments were like.

Sunny Polemi


We begin our epic adventure in our beloved home village of Polemi. Specifically we are standing outside Pavlov's Supermarket admiring the eggs in a basket, as well as a candle and a large free-standing egg. There are several more displays around Polemi, but I will only show this one as I want to cover more locations. Incidentally, if you prefer films, then you can jump straight to our film on Easter Decorations in Paphos.

Kallepeia Chickens


From Polemi we took the scenic route down to Paphos, via Kallepeia. They had a nice display in front of their Municipal Offices which is just opposite the nature trail we featured a few months ago.

Hopping Fun


We've now reached the village of Trimithousa, where they have a very nice display. Some bunnies have joined the usual chicken and egg motif.

Kennedy Square


Our first port of call was Kings Avenue Mall. There will be a spearate film on that though. After the Mall, I took a walk through Old Paphos looking for more decorations. From what I could see they had concentrated on Kennedy Square, which was where I found this donkey.


There were also a fair amount of chickens.

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