Paphos Vintage Car Show - 2024

Published 22nd of April, 2024

On Sunday Paphos Castle hosted the 20th Annual Vintage Car Show. It was a lovely sunny day and I was there with my camera to record the event.

Paphos Castle


This was the scene on Sunday 21st April, at approximately 10:30AM. The harbour area is buzzing with people arriving en-masse to see the vintage cars.

20th Anniversary


The Paphos Classic Vehicle Club, who organise the show, were celebrating its 20th anniversary.

We also made a film on the 20th Paphos Vintage Car Show. Click the link to view it.

To The Cars


If you want to see what else they have planned, take a look at the calendar on the website.

Not So Minor Morris


The first two cars I saw had nice signs on them telling me what they were. This one even had a history page.

Meet Lily


Just in case you can't read that, I will reproduce it below. After that, you will be pretty much on your own in this article. I don't know much about cars. I don't see them as anything other than functional machines. I can understand why people do fall in love with them though. But they don't push my buttons. Consequently I don't have much to say about the vehicles.

Lily the Morris 10/4

This 1935 car was originally owned Mr. F E Midlen of Penryn, Cornwall who retained the car for 31 years and reputedly only used it for the family weekly shopping trip to Falmouth.

The car had several owners of the next 13 years before it passed to Mr/ L J Lewis of Exeter, who appear to have carried out a full "Nut and bolt" restoration. The Morris was extensively shown in the 1980s (as evidenced by the Show Plaques which are now displayed on the rear wheel).

However, the car fell into disuse for a number of years, but fortunately it was eventually rescued by, Mr. P Canard.

He set about a mechanical restoration including a full rebuild of the engine, dynamo, gearbox, clutch and suspension. Part of the ash framing to the bodywork was replaced, indicator lights were installed, and, the original trafficators and horn were reinstated. A detailed log, including 1151 photographs, was kep of the whole of the restoration. The car was finished in August 2005 just in time to drive his daughter to the church on her wedding day.

The Morris was purchased by Paul and Joan (as the 9th registered owners) and imported to Cyprus in 2023. It will be kept in its existing condition, retaining the present patina.

The car is named "Lily" in memory of Paul's Grandmother whose maiden name was Lily Morris.

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