On A Clear Day...

Published 3rd of December, 2018

Distant Forest


We stopped just outside of Giolou, on the way to Stroumpi, for this view and the previous picture.

It looks like there is more much needed rain in the forest.

Distant Ocean


We got back in our car and continued the journey. However, I soon realised that despite stopping, I had completely forgotten to check the doors. The light was still on, so once again I had to pull over. This gave me the chance of taking this nice sea view. You can see Giolou in the middle distance and beyond that, the Polis Coast.

Cross Country


Once we hit Stroumpi, we decided to turn left and take the scenic, off-road route back to Polemi. The village can be seen in the distance. The winery is just to the right of this shot.

Arty Shot




We spotted this hunter on our journey home, but didn't have time to get out the zoom lens. You can see the coast in the distance too. Proof that Polemi has a sea view, if you don't mind a bit of mud.

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