A First Look At Neon Mall

Published 4th of February, 2023

Years ago, before Kings Avenue Mall came into being, Paphos had another Mall, up near McDonalds and the Motorway Roundabout. Closed for ages, it was recently purchased and has been renovated. It re-opened a few days ago, so we went to take a look.

New Beginnings


Since I have been coming to Cyprus, the old Paphos Mall has remained abandoned, and served only to rattle my urban-exploring desires. So I was surprised to hear, not so long ago, that there were plans to open it again. Sure enough, here it is.

Old Favourite


First up, when you go inside, is a brand spanking new SuperHome Center. Presumably, the one down the road, which was nearly shut down a while ago, will finally close.

Scrubs Up Well


According to my wife, it is bigger than the existing Super Home, and better laid out. There was also a larger selection.



Next up, and of interest to a lot of residents, is Kiabi.

Affordable Clothing


They specialise in affordable clothing for the whole family.

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