Muntyan's Labyrinth

Published 19th of July, 2023

Pavel Muntyan has been a busy man. The amateur artist has been constructing a fantastic art installation on the cliffs near Melanda Bay, since 2015. Come with us as we explore his labyrinths. You will not be disappointed.

Melanda Beach


The area of coast between Pissouri and Episkopi Garrison is packed full of wonderful surprises. There are some lovely, unspoilt beaches, amazing clifftop views and some very nice restaurants to tempt you. One such place is Melanda Beach, shown here.

West Of Melanda Beach


To get to Melanda Beach, you need to come off the motorway at Avdimou and head for the coast. It is signposted. The road can be a bit bumpy in places, but take it slowly and you will be fine. Just before you get to the restaurant, there is a right-hand turn that takes you past this building. Follow that...

This Must Be The Place


When you can see some standing stones, take the left turn off the main track. It will bring you here.

Scenic Views


It is in a lovely setting. The landscape is fairly rocky, with cliffs separating you from the sea.

The Labyrinths


And this is the labyrinth itself. There are actually three of them. There is also a stone circle, or square to be precise, and some other pieces of art.

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