Kato Pyrgos Bird Park

Published 31st of August, 2022

Kato Pyrgos has a number of secrets waiting for you to discover. One such example is the Bird House which you can find on a back road to Pano Pyrgos. Come and have a look at what they have to offer.

This Way In


If you drive down the main street of Kato Pyrgos, you will see a sign pointing to the Bird Park. It is only a kilometre away, and well worth a visit. If you want to see a Google map showing the exact location of the park, use the link below the main blog marked RELATED PAGES. All our blogs have this facility. It is worth remembering if you are ever trying to work out where something we write about is.

Guard Dogs


You will be greeted by some very friendly dogs, and a lady who might have been the owner. It is a common myth that everybody in Cyprus speaks English. This is actually far from the case, unless you stick to the main international tourist areas. Kato Pyrgos however, caters primarily for the local Tourist trade. Consequently, the conversation I had with the lady was fairly brief, though pleasant. I have no idea what the opening times are, but we turned up mid morning and they were open then.

Free Entry


Entrance is free, but there was a donations box labelled ΒΟΗΘΕΙΑ ΠΡΟΣ ΤΑ ΖΩΑ. This means "HELP TO ANIMALS". The bird park itself is fairly small, compared to somewhere like Bird World in the UK. But there is still a decent amount to see. As well this area, there are more birds to the left, and an area in the far right housing more animals. The first thing that will hit you however, is the sheer variety of noises.

A Peacock


Owing to my lack of Greek I was unable to ask what the various birds were, and there were no signs that I could see. However, we shall start the tour by admiring this beautiful peacock.

Not A Peacock


I don't know what this is, but it looked lovely. Oh, and all the animal shots were taken by Alex. I think she did a superb job especially when you consider that all the animals are in cages.

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