Coral Bay Strip Final Report

Published 28th of May, 2024

Coral Bay Strip is now officially open. The President himself declared it as such, and shops and restaurants alike opened to greet the waiting tourists. In our final article on the renovation work, we visit once again the two Engineers who have kept us updated throughout the course of the project. So find out what is still left to be done, and what they will be working on next...

The Winning Team


This is Demetris - the Supervising Engineer, and Mr Pantelis Pantelidis, who is the Municipal Engineer and the Coordinator of the Project. To their left is one of the Sub Contractors. I think his name was George but I apologise if I have got that wrong. Together with a host of other contractors, they have transformed the Strip to a thing of beauty.

Last Minute Dash


This was the scene on Saturday, ahead of the President's visit. The final concrete had been laid and the workers were waiting for it to dry. I think this chap was ensuring that nobody drove over it!


At the coast end, temporary bollards had been put in place. The seating and trees had arrived virtually overnight as well.

The President Arrives


On Saturday the President went on a walkabout up and down the strip. Around 500 turned up to see him, including some tourists who had just arrived with their suitcases, and looked a bit perplexed as to what was going on!

The Presentation


The actual speech and presentations happened in a sheltered area at the top of the new Linear Park. This article isn't really about Saturday though. On Monday I met up with the Engineers for a final de-briefing to discuss how the project went. If you can't wait to see the film, then use the following link:

Coral Bay Strip - Final Interview

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