Coral Bay Strip - April Update 2

Published 21st of April, 2024

I've just flown the drone up Coral Bay Strip today, so thought I would share some more pictures. They are still working hard at it, and I will be arranging another site visit soon for a proper update. I also flew the drone around Coral Bay Beach and Thalassa Hotel. I can confirm that that has now re-opened and there will be a separate report on that later in the week.

View From The Coast Road


The first thing to note, other than the pretty blue sky, is that the paved area has increased in size somewhat. This is encouraging. The project is in two phases. Phase 1 is (the paved area) has been ahead of Phase 2, so that different teams can be working on different parts of the project at the same time.

Incidentally, if you want to jump straight to the film, click here.

Pedestrian Crossings


Here you can see where they are incorporating pedestrian crossings into the paved area. Hopefully this will kill once and for all the rumours that are still circulating on Social Media that the strip is to be pedestrianised. It isn't. If it was getting pedestrianised, they wouldn't need to add Zebra Crossings now, would they?


Men At Work


It is worth pointing out that there were a number of people working the site today, even though it was a Sunday.



The concreted area now stretches much further down the Strip than it did last week. They also appear to have filled in the footprints!

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