Chrysochou Hills

Published 18th of December, 2021

The Paphos Countryside is a hidden gem, and outside the activity radar of many tourists, which is a shame. The other day we paused on the way back to a trip to the local Recycling Centre to take in the scenery, at one of our favourite viewpoints. In between storms, we were able to take some lovely pictures...

Distant Chrysochou


This picture, taken with our drone, is a fair summary of where we went. In the foreground, below the green shed structure which is a goat farm, you can see Chrysochou Green Point. If you follow the road to the middle right of the picture, you come to Chrysochou itself. We are taking a cross country route from the goat farm to the right. There is a fairly bumpy farm track that leads to a leafy plateau.

Distant Hills


There aren't any snow-capped peaks to photograph yet, though they will be along soon enough. Instead, Alex managed to capture this bird, contemplating life. All the photos in this blog that aren't drone shots were taken by Alex.

Cloud Cover


She does like her clouds. Anyway, if you want to explore this area, you need to either head for Chrysochou on the B7, and take the cross country route from there. Alternatively, you can approach from the direction of Droushia. If you know where the Gravity Road Diner is, take the road just before that, and continue past the monastery.

Green And Pleasant Land


There are a few ruins here which might be an old monastery. I mentioned them in a previous blog I have linked to below this. Note also that the grass is nice and green here. Surprisingly, a lot of the countryside around here is still quite brown, as you shall see. This is unusual for the time of year, which indicates the lack of rain. Consequently, the current storms are most welcome!



When Alex comes with me to prepare an article, I always ask her to get some nice closeups.

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