We hope you are enjoying looking at Paphos Life. The site began life as an offshoot of a Bridal Directory, and was going to be a combination of a blog and a local directory. However, the internet being what it is, an opportunity for us to add a forum, and thus Paphos Life was thrust into the limelight.

Our mission statement however, has not changed: we want Paphos Life to be a useful and enjoyable site, for both expats and holiday makers alike.

The blog and forum are now fully working, and the news section is about to go live. However, thanks to suggestions from the forum, new sections have also been added. There is a searchable list of Med Prices, plus detailed weather reports courtesy of Weatherunderground. You can even get a comparative 36 hour forecast from 9 locations around Cyprus, so finding a dry spot to visit is easy.

(The above might not seem relevent in the summer, but if you are here on your holidays, believe me it can rain a lot in the winter!)

The site is still in development, and if you click on a link and are asked for a password, that just means you are trying to access an area that is not yet ready.

In the fullness of time, we would like to produce a Greek version of the site (and possibly Russian and Chinese). However, for the time being we are sticking with what we know.

If you have any suggestions for the site, you can either email us at admin@paphoslife.com, or send us a message via the forum.

If you are a business who would like to advertise on Paphos Life, then drop us a line. We are a young site but in our first month we have had almost 250,000 page views!

Love Paphos

Latest Blog Articles

Evretou Dam

Ever since we explored the abandoned villages of Evretou and Trimithousa, we have been meaning to return and have a look at the rest of the reservoir. A chance wrong turn gave us just the opportunity we needed, so off we went. It took us a few visits to get the full picture of the reservoir, but we saw some lovely scenery along the way...

Old Town Christmas Lights

Christmas is here again, and on Friday the lights were officially switched on. We thought we would avoid the crowds, so waited until saturday before we had a wander around. This is what we saw...

The Garden of Memories

Back in June we were approached by Geoff Eccleston. He wanted help creating the online presence of a charitable drive he was organising for the St Michael's Hospice. The aim was to build a peaceful oasis for their residents and visitors to relax in. The appeal is now well under way, and construction of the Garden began some time ago. They are still short of their financial target though, and need money for ongoing maintenance and a wheelchair ramp. With that in mind we thought we would do a blog showing you how far the project has already come. It would be great if you could dig your hands into your pockets and help them hit their total, but even if you can't, have a look at the blog and see what is possible if a group of people put their minds to it...

Abandoned Villages - Makounta

We recently assisted on a litter cleanup along the nature trail to Argaka Reservoir. While we were there, we couldn't help but notice the abandoned village of Makounta on the other side of the valley. We were also curious where the nature trail went once it passed the reservoir. So the other day we returned with our camera. This is what we found...

Latest News Articles

Shops expect yuletide boom as economy improves

Christmas 2017 is expected to see a retail boom, with people’s thirteenth salaries alone pumping around 90 million euros into the local economy.

Don’t give Christmas tips to dustmen

Municipalities have urged members of the public not to offer Christmas tips to dustmen or other members of their staff this year.

Report highlights environmental wrongdoings


An audit office report on the department of the environment has been highly critical of its handling of Natura 2000 areas and landfills and listed a host of other violations.