We hope you are enjoying looking at Paphos Life. The site began life as an offshoot of a Bridal Directory, and was going to be a combination of a blog and a local directory. However, the internet being what it is, an opportunity for us to add a forum, and thus Paphos Life was thrust into the limelight.

Our mission statement however, has not changed: we want Paphos Life to be a useful and enjoyable site, for both expats and holiday makers alike.

The blog and forum are now fully working, and the news section is about to go live. However, thanks to suggestions from the forum, new sections have also been added. There is a searchable list of Med Prices, plus detailed weather reports courtesy of Weatherunderground. You can even get a comparative 36 hour forecast from 9 locations around Cyprus, so finding a dry spot to visit is easy.

(The above might not seem relevent in the summer, but if you are here on your holidays, believe me it can rain a lot in the winter!)

The site is still in development, and if you click on a link and are asked for a password, that just means you are trying to access an area that is not yet ready.

In the fullness of time, we would like to produce a Greek version of the site (and possibly Russian and Chinese). However, for the time being we are sticking with what we know.

If you have any suggestions for the site, you can either email us at admin@paphoslife.com, or send us a message via the forum.

If you are a business who would like to advertise on Paphos Life, then drop us a line. We are a young site but in our first month we have had almost 250,000 page views!

Love Paphos

Latest Blog Articles

The Geroskipou Mural

When we went looking for the new Geroskipou Sculpture Park, we also wanted to take in the Old Camp, as we had seen it previously in passing, and thought it deserved a closer look. As luck would have it, they were right next to each other. However, what we didn't expect to find was a large mural that had appeared, on one of the walls of the camp. As a result, this article is somewhat larger than we originally anticipated, so sit back and enjoy the art...

Geroskipou Sculpture Park

As part of Pafo2017, a new Sculpture Park was commissioned in Geroskipou. Inspired by local history, legends and traditions, ten Cypriot and foreign sculptors have created on-site works drawing on the history of the area and, in this way, leaving behind them the traces of the European Capital of Culture. That's what the blurb says anyway. So what are they like?

Columbia Beach Resort

A few weeks ago we took a look at Cap St Georges. Billed as a new standard in Luxury Leisure Resorts, people were concerned with the effect it would have on the surrounding countryside. We were happy to report that the beaches were still accessible to the general public. However, that got us thinking; if this is the new standard, what was the old one? So when we were recently passing through Pissouri, and a friend told us to take a diversion to see an established luxury resort, well, it was too good an opportunity to miss. This is what we found when we went for a wander...

Foinikas Revisited

When we first blogged about Foinikas it was springtime, and the abandoned village was bathed in a sea of yellow. It was always an essential destination on our holidays, but we had never been in Spring, so it came as a pleasant surprise. However, it made it difficult to explore, as you never know what you might tread on when you have to wade through thigh-high flowers. As frequently happens with our blogs, people posted more information about the site in the comments. So we decided to pay another visit a few days ago, and explore it in more depth...

Latest News Articles

Peyia goes to court over Vassiliou project

PEYIA municipality is challenging the government’s decision to issue a planning permit for a massive development on a hillside overlooking Peyia and is taking the town planning department in Nicosia to court.

This is the first time that the local authority has taken such a step.

Traffic cameras not happening anytime soon

As authorities struggle to cut down road deaths, MPs learned on Friday that traffic cameras will not be up and running anytime soon.

Paphos old town appeals for new citizen centre

Paphos old town is appealing to the government to create a second citizens’ service centre in the area to better serve residents.

Cypriot drivers ‘hasty, careless and impatient’

Thirteen people out of 41 killed in road incidents so far this year were under 25-years-old, police data showed, as most deaths occur during the early morning hours due to speeding and reckless driving.