We hope you are enjoying looking at Paphos Life. The site began life as an offshoot of a Bridal Directory, and was going to be a combination of a blog and a local directory. However, the internet being what it is, an opportunity for us to add a forum, and thus Paphos Life was thrust into the limelight.

Our mission statement however, has not changed: we want Paphos Life to be a useful and enjoyable site, for both expats and holiday makers alike.

The blog and forum are now fully working, and the news section is about to go live. However, thanks to suggestions from the forum, new sections have also been added. There is a searchable list of Med Prices, plus detailed weather reports courtesy of Weatherunderground. You can even get a comparative 36 hour forecast from 9 locations around Cyprus, so finding a dry spot to visit is easy.

(The above might not seem relevent in the summer, but if you are here on your holidays, believe me it can rain a lot in the winter!)

The site is still in development, and if you click on a link and are asked for a password, that just means you are trying to access an area that is not yet ready.

In the fullness of time, we would like to produce a Greek version of the site (and possibly Russian and Chinese). However, for the time being we are sticking with what we know.

If you have any suggestions for the site, you can either email us at admin@paphoslife.com, or send us a message via the forum.

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Love Paphos

Latest Blog Articles


Chrysochou lies nestled between Goudi and Polis, on the North West Coast of Cyprus. From the B7, where you will most likely have seen it, it is notable for the well preserved mosque that dominates its skyline. But Chrysochou has other points of interest, and a few surprises should your curiosity entice you to explore, including a fully restored water mill!


Fasoula is nestled in the Diarizos Valley, between the abandoned villages of Souskiou and Maronas. We visited it in the Spring time, but have saved the blog for now, so you can remember how green Cyprus was just a few months ago, as you sit by the pool relaxing in the summer heat...

Abandoned Villages - Faleia

Faleia lies close to the abandoned village of Agios Fotios. It is abandoned because of the troubles, not because of any threat of landslides. According to online records, it has a population of two, and is in a desolate state. Judge for yourself just how desolate...

Chantara Falls

This waterfall, tucked in the woods behind the mountain village of Foini, has long been a favourite of ours. You can either pay it a quick visit, and have a paddle in the lower falls, or, if you are a bit more adventurous, you can climb the steps to the upper falls, and take a dip. The really adventurous can go beyond that, and have a stream-hopping adventure through the ancient woodland...

Latest News Articles

Temperature to hit 41C inland on Sunday

Temperatures inland are expected to rise to 41C on Sunday, the met office said.

Coastal temperatures will rise to 33C on the west of the island and 35C on the east while mountain temperatures will go up to 31C.

On Sunday night, temperatures will fall to 25C inland, 24C along the coast and 30C in the mountains.

Police arrest man found stealing from hotel apartment

Paphos police arrested a 42-year-old man suspected of having broken into and stealing from a hotel apartment on Friday morning, authorities said on Saturday.

According to police, at approximately 9:45am a 32-year-old woman reported that upon her return to her apartment, she found the man.

Police were called to the scene and arrested the man immediately.

British woman arrested in Paphos for drunken behaviour and assaulting a police o

A 29 year old British woman permanent resident of Paphos is under arrest  for drunken behaviour and assaulting a police officer during her arrest, the Cyprus News Agency said on Saturday.

Cigarette butts, straws, plastic collected as part of Geroskipou beach clean up

Volunteers who cleaned up Rikkos beach in Geroskipou on Friday have collected 2,072 cigarettes butts, 104 straws, 45 plastic bottle caps, 18 metal bottle caps and 104 pieces of paper. The list of shame also includes 85 napkins, 96 wrappers, 18 plastic bags, 8 balloons, 74 small pieces of plastic and 2 car tyres.