Crown Resorts Horizon

Published 13th of October, 2021

The Crown Resort Horizon Hotel is looking a bit under the weather at the moment. Presumably a victim of the COVID crisis, it will certainly need a bit of TLC before it opens again to the public. Last sunday we took a look around...

The Car Park


The hotel came to my attention the other day. I was driving around Coral Bay with the 360 camera, looking for interesting things to film. I remembered that people had been asking questions about the hotel so I thought I may as well take a look. On that occasion I drove into the car park and back out again. But it was apparent that the place wasn't open for business. So I came back with my camera to take a closer look.



The entrance is definitely a bit overgrown now.

Rubbish Free


However, the car park still looks nice and clean. You cannot really see it in this picture, but to the right fo that door you can see was a bin. It contained a fair number of empty water bottles that had recently been placed there. So while deserted, this place is by no means abandoned.

Front Door


I didn't check to see if the doors would open. I was quite content to explore the outside.

Side View


To the right of the main entrance was a gate overlooking the front lawns. This was locked and I had no wish to climb over anything I shouldn't so I took this picture and went left instead.

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