Pomos Reservoir Church

Published 19th of February, 2020

Nice Murals


In the wall below the road there were these three, lovely murals. Judging by their bright colour very were either relatively recent additions, or well looked after. I should point out though, that they are further apart than this picture suggests. I have cropped three pictures into one for convenience.

Church From The Side


From here it almost looks like the church is made of two different buildings. The left hand side looks older, in my opinion.

Picnic Area


There is also a very nice picnic area here, though it is more suited for buffets than full-on blowouts.

Close Up


I wonder what all the ropes are for? Did it use to have bunting attached, or is it a very old awning?

Ancient Inscription


Above the left-hand door, I could see some rather curious-looking stoneware. What on Earth is this?

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