Police angry at those parking behind mobile traffic camera vans to prevent their operation

In addition to mobile traffic camera vans being attacked in drive-by shootings or via stones thrown at the operator some drivers have now found new ways to ‘break’ the system.

Specifically, they have been parking their vehicles directly behind the vans carrying the mobile cameras, thus, preventing them from photographing offenders.

As if that is not bad enough, they go as far as to post photos on the internet, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

The issue was raised on Tuesday by the Police Traffic Department’s Harris Evripidou.

He also said that members of a particular group active on the internet are doing their best to prevent the smooth operation of the traffic camera system.

Already several of these cases have been sent to relevant police departments for investigation, because some of them were accompanied by insults or threats.

In fact, he said that 10 cases, mainly of threats against mobile camera operators expressed through the internet, have been sent to court.

Where traffic obstruction or any other offence is recorded an out-of-court fine is issued, Evripidou also said.


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