The Xeros Trail

Published 1st of August, 2020

We've taken a short break from our look at Cyprus beaches, and are going to share a scenic - and somewhat off-piste - route from Paphos to Polemi. Sometimes when we are coming back from a visit to the Green Point we can get a bit distracted. So come and say hello to the Xeros Valley, Roudia Bridge and a bit of Paphos Forest. There no better way to social distance.

In The Beginning


Ok, so we are not going to show pictures of the entire route from Paphos. We have covered some of it in previous blogs. Today's journey starts half way up the river. We've driven through Nata, turned left before the big bridge, and followed the road up the Xeros Valley until it crosses the Xeros River further up. They've done a good job of repairing that, by the way. Then we have followed the signs for the Donkey Sanctuary, and continued past that up the river. This shot is looking back towards Nata.

The Forest Awaits


This is the route we are going. It's fine here, but very bumpy in places, and should only be attempted in a good 4x4. On the left of the picture you can see Sinti Monastery.

Hidden Well


This monastery is actually accessible by road. You can get to it from the direction of Pentalia. It is a very peaceful place and well worth a visit.

Virtual Tour

A couple of years ago we made this little virtual tour of the place. There is also a blog which is linked at the foot of the page. Look how green it was then!

Follow The Frog


I hadn't intended making a blog on this journey, and only had my phone camera with me. Fortunately Alex had her DSLR.

Alex likes her frogs. They taunt her in Polemi (the frogs, not the neighbours) by croaking just enough for her to get her camera out, then shut up as soon as she appears. Consequently when we are out and about, if she sees a frog, she has to snap it.

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