Postcard From Ayia Napa - 2022

Published 25th of July, 2022

Once a year we spend a week in the East of the Island, visiting Ayia Napa, Protaras and the surrounding area. We always enjoy our visit, though it is nice to come back to our beloved Polemi. There is a lot more to the East than sandy beaches and partying. This is a selection of some of the sights we saw.

Fig Tree Bay


This year, let's start at one of the most popular beaches in Europe. Fig Tree Bay is a family orientated beach nestled in the heart of Protaras, away from the hustle and bustle of Ayia Napa.

All Mod Cons


There are a lot of sandy beaches on the East of the Island. Like Paphos, all the sunbeds cost the same, which is handy. At the time of writing, the going rate is €2.50 plus €2.50 for an umbrella. Personally, we never use sunbeds. We don't like lying on the beach, and only go to them when we want to go swimming. We used to do the whole routine, when the kids were younger, and sandcastles had to be built and destroyed. But these days, we are more interested in the water than the sand.

However, if you like to laze on a sunbed, rest assured, they are plentiful.

Green Bay


A little bit further down the coast from Fig Tree Bay is Green Bay. Personally, we prefer this. It is very good for snorkelling and doesn't get as busy as Fig Tree Bay. There are also some nice tracks to explore which lead to a lovely church and some interesting rocks.

Paralimni Square


There is more to the East of the Island than beaches though. A drive into into Paralimni will reveal a lovely square in the centre, once you have navigated the One Way System.



In the Square there are actually three churches. This is the biggest one, and is very ornate. We shall do a separate article on the Square, as there was a lot to see, but it is well worth a visit.

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