Polemi Gorge

Published 19th of June, 2022

The countryside around Polemi is full of surprises. The other week we told you about Polemi's hidden pond, nestled deep within the hills towards Ezousa. Well, today we are going one better, and introducing you to Polemi's very own gorge.

No Place Like Home


I love living in Cyprus, and I love living in Polemi. Having countryside like this on our doorstep is a luxury. I have recently been driving down the farm tracks that surround our village to make films for Google Street View. I've found some interesting places along the way, like the pond. On the next trip I made, I drove past some very interesting rock formations, and I made a mental note to come back later for a closer look.

Mysterious Crevice


This was what first caught my eye. Regular readers will know that I am a sucker for finding remote gorges. Something about them appeals to me, and as I first drove along here I got the distinct whiff of gorge on my left. The next question was how to get down there.

Bring On The Drone


That's where having a drone comes in handy. I launched it into the sky and followed the stream back up the hill. The road I drove down is on the far left here.

Towards Ezousa


I then had a decent run-up to fly the length of the gorge without worrying about crashing the drone into the side of the hill. If you haven't seen it, the "Relaxing Cyprus" film I made from the footage is at the end of this article. In this shot you can already see a green vein running throuh the valley.



Yes, that is definitely a little gorge. Ok, it is no Avakas beater, but it is worth exploring. Note the interesting whorls in the rocks on the right of this picture. They have a lot of gypsum in them, which is water soluble. This is why the rock formations are so interesting around here.

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