Polemi Bat Cave

Published 27th of June, 2022

It's amazing what you can discover when you go for a drive and stop to have a look around. It started with a pond, continued with a gorge, and then went full circle back to the pond. In this, the final episode of our little saga, we cross from the pond back to the lip of the gorge itself, and are greeted by a multitude of bats, and a couple of friendly hounds.

The Field Of Play


In this trip, we travel from Polemi Pond to Polemi Gorge, and finally get a close-up look of the fissures we have hitherto only seen from above, via drone footage.

This Way


We begin by taking the goats track away from the pond. This is probably the trickiest part of the walk. You need to make sure you have decent footware as it can be prickly in places.

To The Gorge


Once you are up that slope it is a fairly sedate walk.

Gypsum Mining


The route takes us past some rocks we first observed a couple of articles ago.

Pit Face


You can see where bits of gyspsum have been cut away. I wonder how long ago they were doing this? I have found similar old mines throughout the area, and towards Lemona.

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Outside of Winter and Spring, a lot of Cyprus is very arid. Polemi, centrally placed in Paphos and surrounded by vineyards, remains greener than most. It even has a village pond. Admitedly, you have to go for a bumpy drive to find it, and very few people probably know that it is there, but find it we did.

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We were introduced to the Crystal Hills a few years back. It was the first time we visited Polemi and we were on the hunt for geocaches. This particularly one was a near perfect example of what makes a good cache: an interesting location that we would have been unlikely to find had there not been a cache there. The only thing that let the cache down was it's size, but we won't go into that here. Instead we shall have a look at the terrain, and see why the cache was called "The Crystal Hill".

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