Mavralis Picnic Site

Published 15th of May, 2022

Mavralis Picnic Site is a well-equipped area between Limni Pier and Argaka, on the North Coast of the Paphos District of Cyprus. Up until recently, the beach area had been blighted by residue from Limni Mine. This has recently been cleared away, so we went down to investigate.

Turn Here


As you drive from Polis to Argaka, you will go past Limni Pier. Just beyond that, you will come to this sign for Mavralis Picnic Site.

Off Peak Visit


The picnic site is fairly long and narrow. So don't park at the first available opportunity. Drive down a bit further, as there is plenty of space. Of course, should you visit on a Cypriot Bank Holiday then you may find this place is packed to the rafters.

Municipal BBQs


As well as a decent number of picnic benches, the site also comes equipped with a decent array of amenities. These BBQ pits are there for anybody to use. I have often wondered what happens when it is busy though. Do people jostle for position or do the late comers move somewhere else?

Running Water


THere is also a decent water supply here, which is handy for washing your used plates etc.

To The Beach


There is also a beach here, so let's go and take a look at that. If this is your first time visiting, you would probably stand here thinking that it was a nice enough empty beach. However, before the place was cleaned up, this beach didn't look much like this, as you shall see.

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