Marathounta Shortcut

Published 25th of January, 2021

During lockdown we have to get our thrills where we can. So when we have to do mundane tasks such as taking the garden waste down to the local recycling centre, we try and make the best of it. Here then, is a picturesque route down to Konia Green Point.

Yoohoo Cholou!


We begin, as we begin so many of our tales, on the outskirts of our beloved Polemi. This is the view across the Ezousa Valley towards Choulou. Normally when I stop at this particular location a golden labrador barks at me from across the road. Today they were silent. Could it be that I have stopped here to photograph the scenery so often that the dog now considers me to be part of the furniture? Who knows...

Polemi Water Tower


Here's another familiar site. Regular readers will know that this tower was built on the site of an old church.

Now, it is probably worthwhile pointing out that this blog isn't really aimed at holiday makers. It doesn't document a hidden vista, or promote an undervalued attraction. Instead, it just describes a "short-cut" we sometimes use to get to the local dump. The quotes are because it probably takes longer, owing to the somewhat bumpy terrain.

Turn Left Ahead


Ok, so we've driven from Polemi through Minthis Hills Golf Resort, and are heading down to Paphos. We've just hit Marathounta, and there is a kiosk to the right of this shot. Beyond the turning to Marathounta, is a gravel road. That is what you are looking for.

First Left


Once you get to the gravel area, take a sharp left onto the road heading into the valley.

Turn Right Here


Soon you need to follow the road right. Most of this route involves you sticking to the main track.

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