Limni Scenery

Published 27th of October, 2020

Continuing our look at random countryside, we recently revisited a favourite old haunt of ours, looking for crystals. Limni Mine and the surrounding area is always great fun to explore...

In The Woods


Call us weird, but we love the old mines. The sights and smells of assorted ores never cease to fascinate us. We've showed you this area before, but this time I had the posh 360 camera with me, so I thought I would get some nice panoramas to show off too.



I was feeling adventurous, so I clamboured above our usual haunt and went for a wander in the older and more overgrown areas.

Mind Your Step


As always when exploring the countryside in Cyprus, you should be on the lookout for snakes. This one had clearly outgrown his home, and shed his skin as he moved on to pastures new.

One Careful Owner


Nearby was a larger hole, which was presumably the new residence.

Don't Forget To Zoom!

As ever, the panoramas are best enjoyed full screen, so if you have the facility, max that image and pan around. You can play "Spot The Wife"...

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