Kannaviou Reservoir Overflows

Published 21st of March, 2022

Kannaviou Reservoir is the fourth biggest reservoir in Cyprus. It is situated at the top of the Ezousa Valley, below Pano Panagia. Last night it overflowed, which doesn't often happen, so we took our cameras along this morning to film it.

Kannaviou From Above


We took our drone with us this morning. It was very windy, as you can tell from the waves in this photo. You can see how full the reservoir is, but the actual overflow is to the right of this shot.

Towards The Overflow


If you visit the reservoir, there isn't really a lot to see with regards to the overflow. It is tucked away in the corner, out of view of pedestrians.

Drone View


Fortunately the drone can see what the eye cannot. Here is the overflow in all its glory. There is a film at the end that will show it in motion too.

Close Up


Here's a nice close-up shot. You can see the fence on the right that prevents pedestrians from getting too close.

At The Bottom


So lets follow the water as it escapes form the reservoir and enters the River Ezousa.

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