Published 22nd of May, 2020

The lockdown is over! We can now leave the house without having to text the authorities to tell them what we are doing. Businesses are starting to re-open, and, slowly, Cyprus is starting to get back to normal. So where did we go on our first trip out?

Roudia Bridge


The route we took takes in three abandoned villages (though one of them looks quite busy now), a Venetian Bridge, and a lovely drive down the Xeros Valley. Our only real aim was to get to Roudia Bridge, but I chose a scenic route to get there. I hadn't intended on doing a blog of this journey, but I posted some pictures on Facebook taken on my phone, and people were asking questions, so I thought a quick blog would be prudent. Luckily, Alex had her posh camera to hand, so you will also get to see some nice insect close-ups.

The journey to Roudia was fairly uneventful. I decided to head towards Kannaviou Dam then go cross country to Statos. From there I would take the short route to Koilineia, then head to Vretsia. We would approach the bridge from the forest, rather than drive down the firebreak. The is a map at the end if you are curious.

Underneath The Arch


When we got to Roudia, the first thing we noticed was that it seems to have acquired a little beach. Presumably the winter rains have deposited a ton of sand from further upstream here.


Alex does like her water shots...


There was plenty of water running here, too. It has been very, very hot over the last few days, but there is still a lot of water coming down from the mountains.

New Bridge Still Stands!


Oh, and in case you were wondering, the bridge that got washed away in the previous season's deluges survived the winter rain.

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