Topographical Maps Of Cyprus - Review

Published 5th of December, 2020

Recently we saw an advert for a new book of Cyprus Maps on Facebook, which perked our interest. We contacted the publisher and they kindly sent us a review copy. We've spent a few weeks scrutinising it, and here are our findings.

Topographical Maps of Cyprus


Ok, so let's put the map through its paces. When we first started holidaying in Cyprus, we would buy a map every year, because they would fall apart through continued use.

The first thing to note about this book is that it is ring bound. This makes studying maps much easier. Secondly, the maps are a very high scale.

Areas Covered


It is worth noting that the maps don't cover the whole of Cyprus. Instead they focus on the more outdoor areas. It would have been nice to see them cover everywhere, but given how long they must take to produce I can understand the logic for choosing the areas they did.

Typical Scenery


This review will feature a number of pictures of maps. However, to review a map thoroughly we had to check out various locations, so we will also show pictures of them, to show you why you might want to use it.

The E4 Trail


One selling point of this map book was that it showed the course of the E4 trail. You can see that here. It goes up on the left, and back down on the right. However, it isn't that clear where the trail actually runs. Looking at the right-hand side of the map, if you asked five people to draw the route of the E4 on the map, based on the labels, you would likely get five different lines.

It would be nice if the next edition of this map had the E4 trail marked more clearly.

Google Map Comparison


The map in the last picture is typical of what you will find in the book. Compare it to the equivalent view from Google Maps. It is in a different league.

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