Paphos Snow

Published 27th of January, 2022

We had snow in Paphos! It doesn't happen that often, so we went out for a drive to take in the scenery. While not in the same league as the Troodos, it was still quite pretty, so join us as we take the road to Panagia...

Cold And Frosty Morning


We woke up to a thin smattering of snow in Polemi. We had a brief wander around the garden but the distant snow-covered hills were calling us.

Arty Tiles


Both Alex and I came tooled up with our cameras, and I packed the drone for good measure.

Frozen Vineyard


Already the early morning sun was beginning to melt the snow in the vineyard, so we would have to be quick.

Distant Lasa


We could see in the near distance that the hills around Lasa had received a bit more snow.

Fire Hill


Heading towards Kannaviou, I stopped to photograph this house on the hill. It is hard to believe that only a couple of months ago I filmed this same hill as it was on fire. As you can see, the house remained unscathed.

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