Moundiko Nature Trail - Part 1

Published 3rd of April, 2022

This walk takes us on a nature trail through a beautiful yet often overlooked part of the Akamas. Starting in Kathikas, it progresses onto the Akamas and takes you on a loop around the Moundiko Plateau. Along the way you will be treated to some amazing views and beautiful countryside. In Part 1 we follow the route to the Plateau and take a brief pause to appreciate the spring flowers and panoramic views.

Begin In Kathikas


I am not sure exactly where the trail starts in Kathikas, but it is somewhere here. If you take the road up from Peyia you will arrive at this junction. Instead of turning right here, carry on up the road to Polis. You can park in Kathikas and do the walk from here, but there are two other options available, as you shall see.

If you are coming from the B7, take the Kathikas turning after you drive through Stroumpi, then turn left through Kathikas itself. You will arrive at this junction, so turn right.

The First Sign


Be on the lookout for a green sign with a yellow arrow. It points down a road to your left. There will also be a sign for a winery.

On The Trail


The first part of the trail takes you through some fairly typical vineyards. As you progress down the track there is a change from gray soils of the Kathikas melange formation with cereal cultivations, to white-yellow soils of the Pachna Formation with Calcareous lime-sandstone. The Pachna Formation soils are more fertile and such areas are cultivated mainly with vineyards.

Impressive banter, isn't it? Reading the above you would think I have done extensive research on the area. In actual fact, I have just read a sign.

A Handy Signpost


Along the route there are eleven information boards. I have yet to find the first one, but this is the second. I just told you what it had to say. There is also a somewhat misleading map, but more on that in a moment.

Parking Spot Number 2


At this point there is a car park, on your left. Apparently the entire walk is about 11 km. You can shorten it quite a lot by parking here instead of at Kathikas. The best scenery is still to come so there is no shame in doing this. You can shorten the walk a bit further by continuing in the car until you reach the plateau, which you can see in the distance here. At that point, the walk is circular. The drive from here to the plateau can be a bit tricky depending on the weather, so if you are doing that drive carefully.

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