Leaving Lockdown

Published 18th of May, 2020

Lockdown is coming to an end. Soon we will be able to leave the house without texting our intentions. There are many places we want to revisit, but for now, we shall content ourselves with a trip to a beach for a swim, and a takeaway kebab and pizza for the journey home...

Limni Hills


We've posted pictures from this little corner of the North Coast before. I don't think the crops have been so high before though.

Distant Scars


You can still see the hills that were ravaged in the fires four summers ago. If you get close up to them, you will be able to find green foliage returning, but from a distance they look as barren as ever.

Yesterday there were quite a number of forest fires throughout Cyprus. Please be careful when you are travelling. Don't throw any cigarettes, and take your rubbish home with you. All of it.

Limni Pier


The beach was empty. Social distancing will not be a problem here. We didn't even see the chap that runs up and down the coast here no matter how hot it is and say hello to him. Full marks to that man, he doesn't do a short run. He is always very friendly too.

Towards Polis


You can't sunbathe on beaches yet, but you can go for a swim, or have a nice walk along the shore. In June, the sunbathing rules may change, but to be honest, I can't remember the last time we sunbathed at the beach anyway. So it doesn't really affect us. We long ago decided it was easier just to turn up with a towel, have your swim, and then go somewhere else. No need to worry about deck chairs and sunbeds then. However, if you do like lazing on the beach, then hopefully in June you will be able to do so once again.

Distant Akamas


On the 21st, driving restrictions are due to be lifted. I foresee a trip or two to the Akamas then. That won't be our first destination though.

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