Hunting The Bee Orchid

Published 6th of April, 2021

Cyprus is blessed with a variety of orchids which appear in the valleys and fields every spring. While not as exotic as some, they are nonetheless worth checking out if you are out getting some socially-distanced exercise. My favourite variety is the bee orchid, and last weekend we decided to go on a hunt for them.

To The Tulip Field!


Ok, so we are out looking for bee orchids. But we happen to live right next to Polemi's famous tulip field, so naturally had to check it out on our way to the Akamas.

Scientific Experiments


Last year when we reported on the tulips (we do this every year), we noted that a scientist had been performing experiments on the crop. These have come on apace now.

Not Tulips


I wonder what these are for?

Early Blooms


The tulips are certainly starting to flower now.


They are not yet at their peak though.

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