Fire Affected Areas

Published 6th of July, 2021

The Government have issued the following photo gallery showing the extent of the fire damage that cut through the forests of Limassol and Larnaca. They have also released details of a bank account you can send donations to if you would like to help.


The gallery images are posted without comment. They speak for themselves.

The following is taken from Cyprus Mail regarding donations:

A bank account was set up on Monday on the instructions of President Nicos Anastasiades for donations to support the people affected by the fires over the weekend in the Larnaca and Limassol districts.

Responding to the numerous calls by people expressing interest in assisting, the president gave instructions for the opening of a bank account where people can donate in support of those affected by the fires.

The president expressed his gratitude “for the great response and support by the people, who strengthen the declared will of the state to take actively support those afflicted.”

The bank account is: 6001027

IBAN: CY 42 0010 0001 0000 0000 0600 1027



We would also like to offer our condolences to the families of the four Egyptian men who died in the fire. May they rest in peace.




The bank account is: 6001027

IBAN: CY 42 0010 0001 0000 0000 0600 1027

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