Aphrodites Rock B6 Road Repairs

Published 21st of July, 2021

In 2019 a section of the B6 road near Aphrodite's Rock was closed for repairs. Since then, in order to get to Pissouri, you need to take the motorway. We are happy to report that repair-work to the road is well underway. We took our drone so we could film what challenges the workers were having to overcome.

Nice View


We begin our journey high above Aphrodite's Rock. It looks as stunning as ever, and there are a fair number of tourists about now. Hope they are having a nice time.

Non-Ideal Conditions


This was my second attempt at filming the roadworks in as many days. The first film I made was accidently deleted from the memory card. So I came back the next day to film it again. I almost went away again empty handed, because there was quite a bit of wind blowing about.

Men At Work


However, given that I was flying the drone out over the sea, and there were no nearby obstacles to worry about, I went ahead, to see what I could film.

Work In Progress


They appear to be stripping the existing tarmac and surface away at the moment. I wouldn't like to do that. It would feel like standing on a branch that I was sawing off a tree.

Now A Major Film

Here's the film I made. It is less than 2 minutes long, so go on, have a watch.

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