Urgently needed:

Dear Paphos Residents,

Many of you know about the work of Caritas and the Learning Refuge in Paphos helping refugee families with food,furniture and essential needs.

We are actually a very small number of volunteers doing a mighty amount of work and we desperately need more people who can offer transport help. In a typical week we receive messages from kind people offering furniture and household items for us to give to the families whom we know are in great need. Some families arrive here, after weeks or months they may find accommodation but have no furniture, having left everything behind on their journey here. The only way they are receiving beds, sofas, kitchen equipment, gas bottles etc is through Caritas!

Our problem is getting these donated items to the people who need them. We all have little cars! Our charity funds are spent on foodstuffs, medical expenses and emergency needs for our familes. We need more volunteers to take on the other work we do, especially DRIVING & DELIVERING.

If you have a truck, a car or a large vehicle...we need you to help us by offering 1 day a month/a week/a fortnight...whatever you feel you can manage....to help us collect and deliver around Paphos only. You may be a business, you may be retired....we genuinely need you!

We know its a lot to ask volunteers to donate time and a vehicle, but we promise you will not be disappointed with the work! We are a supportive group of fellow volunteers who listen and laugh together. I guarantee you will not believe the appreciation and gratitude you will receive from the families you meet.

Please contact Mary on 99595385 or Wendy on 99040294 to join us TODAY!!

The Following are ongoing requirements:

Winter is fast approaching, and we are desperately seeking items such as gas bottles, duvets, blankets and heaters. One very generous local lady has paid for one of our families to be supplied with gas all through winter, but every blanket will help!

Norman Tebbit would be proud. Young refugee men find bikes very useful when they are looking for work. Help them get back on their feet by donating an old bicycle you no longer use or need. You will be helping somebody out and clearing some shed space!

We have two mothers-to-be expecting soon, and needing baby items, especially pram/pushchair/cot/nappies. Also, a family with four young children, two with terminal wasting condition and needing help with size 5 and 6 nappies.

These heart mosaics are lovely. Why not commission one for yourself? That way we can farm out work chopping tiles to the refugee ladies whom we have been training. And if you make your own mosaics, why not outsource your tile chopping to our ladies?

If you can help us, please contact Mary at leighmary2@yahoo.com.
If you can't help us yourself, please share this page so that others may be able to.
Please bookmark this page, as there will be updates throughout the year.
Thank you for reading.

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