Luggage Storage At Kato Paphos

Published 31st of October, 2023

Tourists are often faced with a dilemma on the final day of their holiday. They have to check out by 11AM, or sometimes earlier, but have nowhere to leave their luggage while they spend their remaining euros on gifts for friends and relatives back home. And will that last box of Cyprus Delights push them over their luggage allowance? Now help is at hand, thanks to Luggage Storage Paphos.

Luggage Storage Paphos


You will find this store on the main road to Paphos Harbour. It is just under 200 metres from the Sea Front itself, so very central. There will be a map on Page 2 of this article to show you exactly where it is. You will also find a few pictures of the Sea Front I took while I was shooting these, so take a look even if you aren't looking for somewhere to store your luggage!



Inside it is a bit like an Amazon Delivery Station on steroids. There are three sizes of locker available, to suit all types of luggage. Full payment details and information can be found on the Luggage Storage Paphos Website. At the time of writing though, prices vary from €1.50 to €2.50 an hour.

Now, you may have the opportunity to store luggage at your hotel instead, but the problem there is two-fold. First, you will have to return to the hotel to get it. And second, your luggage will probably be stored unguarded in a big room with lots of other luggage. There is nothing to stop somebody taking stuff from it, or putting something unwanted in.

Pay Here


The payment system is very simple to use, and supports multiple languages.

Phone Chargers


This is another useful tool - a portable power bank that you can hire here and return at the airport. This is great if you need more juice before boarding the plane. For more information, see the WE53 website.

Weighing Station


Finally, they have this very useful weighing station. This enables you to check how heavy your baggage is before reaching the airport. There is nothing worse than having to transfer dirty clothes from one suitcase to another while lots of fellow travellers silently judge you.

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