Hunting The Bee Orchid

Published 6th of April, 2021

Budding Blooms


Unfortunately, but inevitably, there is no tulip festival this year. This is another victim of the dreaded pandemic.

We Shall See You Later


There may well be a dedicated tulip blog in about a week or two. It depends on how impressive they get.

Spring Blooms


It's not all about the tulips though. And indeed, next to the tulip field itself there is a wealth of colour.

To The Akamas


So, on to the main course. In the past we have found bee orchids in the Akamas, behind Avakas Gorge, to be precise. Let's head for the hills...

Avakas Gorge From Behind


There is the famous gorge. I took the panoramic shots with our drone. There is a film at the end of the blog too, if you like scenery.

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