From Ineia To Lara Bay

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From Ineia To Lara Bay

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In order to drive to Lara Bay, the safest way has always been the route from Ineia. It was much less bumpy than the main coast trail past Avakas Gorge. However, as part of the Akamas Plan the road network is being improved. In order to do this, part of it had to be closed for renovation work. The part by Ineia now seems to be complete, so in today's film we take a drive down it.

If the rest of the road network is constructed to the same standard and appearance as the roads near Ineia, I think it will be great news for the Akamas. They blend in very nicely with the surrounding countryside, and were a pleasure to drive down. I don't know if the plan is to make all the roads through the Akamas like these, but if it is, that is good news.

Incidentally, if you are thinking of driving to Lara Bay by this route, do bear in mind that it eventually hits the Coast Trail which is still as bumpy as it ever was. If in doubt, consult your insurance company first.

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Re: From Ineia To Lara Bay

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Very good - informative.
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