Solar Panels

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Re: Solar Panels

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I think it may well depend on WHEN your meter is read. Our IS the end of February, but if yours is in March I think it will be from that Date ..
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Re: Solar Panels

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Yes, Trev's correct. The end of your credit year depends on your billing cycle. It will either be with the reading for the February bill or with the reading for the March bill, whichever your particular billing period is.
You realise under the new system, brought in a year or so ago, it is no longer strictly speaking net metering, ie use a unit free of charge for every unit generated, but pay a generator's fee. However, I find that the new system is cheaper for me over the course of the year, despite paying about 0.003 per unit used.
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Re: Solar Panels

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Coincidently I rang EAC this morning to ask the same question. I was told that my meter is due to be read around 25th of Feb and my credit units will be zeroed on 3rd March. He further explained that as well as the meter reading date varying per area, the initialisation of the credits unit also varies. It either occurs the 1st or 3rd March depending which ‘cycle’ one is in.
So I suggest you call them, they answered quickly and were helpful, for your specific date.
As an aside I did try to understand the mechanics of how they zeroise the credit units without rereading the meter and gave up.
But hey, that’s what the guy said………
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