Coral Bay Strip Renovations - May 19th 2024 Drone Flight

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Coral Bay Strip Renovations - May 19th 2024 Drone Flight

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It's been a week since we had our site visit, so this morning I went down to see what progress had been made in the interim. The vast majority of the road seems to be finished now. The workers appeared to be finishing the tiles by brushing cement dust between them. That's what it looked like to me anyway.

At the end of the film we also show the pipe laying that is occurring beyond Coral Bay Strip. This is a separate project but I am including it here in case anybody was curious what was happening. After that, we finish with a view of the bay area itself.

The big question is: when will it be opening? Well, I don't think the President will be paying a visit on the 20th, which was one rumour, but it can't be much longer.

Remember though, that most of the restaurants are open now.

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