Paphos - Universal Area

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Paphos - Universal Area

Post by Dominic »

Universal is a residential area, sandwiched between Kato and Central Paphos. Comprising of apartments and complexes it provides a convenient location for anybody seeking easy access to city amenities, while remaining just outside the main tourist strip. When we first moved to Cyprus, we rented an apartment here for a couple fo months before buying our dream home in Polemi. So during the course of the film, I comment on our experiences and observations about what to think about should you be planning a move here yourself.

As stated in the film, if you are planning a move here, you should join a variety of Facebook Groups on the various locations around Cyprus. And ask questions! Do some group searches first, but most people will be happy to give you their opinions. A lot of them will contradict each other too, but that is understandable. One person's heaven is another person's hell.

One final point. In the film I mention barking dogs. I mention them because in my experience as a Forum admin, it is one of the top complaints I have seen. I am not basing it on my own experience at all. Both my neighbours have dogs, and they are lovely, and very well behaved.

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Re: Paphos - Universal Area

Post by Firefly »

That was so interesting Dominic, some good pointers for prospective buyers.

I have to say that MOH always regretted selling up in the UK completely. When we had to return to the UK, (health reasons), it was so hard to sell in Cyprus and buy again in the UK. Obviously other ex pats will think very differently, and I respect anyone else's opinion. When we first moved to Cyprus, we had a house in the UK and an apartment in Geroskipou. We decided to sell both, and buy a house in Drousiea. We loved living in Cyprus, all ten years of it, but wish we had kept to our original plans.

Sadly, I'm not able to return to Cyprus now, but what a wonderful experience, and wonderful friends made. Good luck to anyone thinking of moving there.
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Re: Paphos - Universal Area

Post by Yioula »

Very interesting drive around Universal, I always think of it like a maze but the development of the area is ongoing
The restaurant you couldn’t remember is Pamis Diner a very popular place

I think moving after Brexit to Cyprus is a total different ball game, Dominic you definitely moved the right time
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