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https://news.sky.com/story/for-a-rail-l ... y-12829781

It seems that high speed railways have become a thorn in the side of my fellow countryman.

I believe the Japanese were the first with the Shinkansen followed by the French TGV. The Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Americans, Canadians, China and probably some others followed suit. The UK is the only major country without this means of transport. To travel from central London to central Edinburgh or central Glasgow or central Aberdeen takes many hours with an enormous wastage of time, if you go by train. Result: to do these journeys, many use aircraft with the problems of checking in, getting to the airfield, burning vast quantities of fossil fuels and so on.

Why is the UK so retarded in implementing high-speed rail?
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Re: HS2

Post by Uncle D »

Looks like the next labour government will inherit this white elephant.
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Re: HS2

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Why waste public money putting anything further north than Birmingham.

They are all still running round in animal skins, covered in woad after all :lol:
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