Great Website of COVID-19 data for Scotland

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Great Website of COVID-19 data for Scotland

Post by Jimgward » Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:17 pm

It details exactly the details, from government sources.

The figure of reported deaths is 2,491, but Confirmed +Suspected = 4,193 (suspected, is ones in care homes mainly, where no test was carried out but physician diagnosis was the cause of death) Then we have Excess Deaths of 4,854 - I.e. those outside the monthly averages of the past 5 or 10 years.

Deaths per million of 457 on reported and 890 on excess deaths.

The real death rate would be at least the 4,193, if not the excess rate - as Influenza and pneumonia were very low this year due to unseasonably weather - record temperatures in winter and spring.

The death rate of those confirmed infected was 13% - so a 1 in 8 chance of dying if you catch it - and for over 70's, probably a 1 in 3.

Very good data and also there for the UK as a whole, however, England's data is being suppressed, so less accurate!

It shows a reported death rate of 45,878 and an excess death rate of 63,957
These equate to a deaths per million of 688 on reported and 960 on excess deaths. ... s-tracker/

Second link is UK

As a comparison, Belgium has a reported rate per million of 848, but 720 per million on excess deaths - so close to the UK really - and Belgium are by far the worst in the world. The UK is second worst on reported and worst on excess, of known excess reporting.

The USA, for example, is 460 and 400, Spain is 608 and 940, France is 463 and 410, Italy is 581 and 780.

Does this indicate anything? perhaps indicating countries that have overly closed down other healthcare in hospitals because of Covid?
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