Larnaca airport to Paphos

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Larnaca airport to Paphos

Post by OhSusana » Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:53 pm

I thought it might be nice to provide some information on travellling to Paphos on this site, mainly for visitors.
Larnaca to Paphos is a common route for people who can't get direct flights to Paphos airport.
There are several ways of doing this journey, some of which I have tried out, and some of which I intend to try out shortly!

1. Taxi.
Larnaca airport to Paphos

You can get various quotes. I looked yesterday. Saw a price in the area of 90 euros. 100 euros to Coral Bay.
Journey time I would estimate at about 1.5 hours max.
Rush hour in Larnaca and Limassol can slow you down a little. Not a bad option if 3 or 4 people travelling together.

2. Bus.
a) Almost direct route.
Larnaca airport to Finekoudes Larnaca (minibus) and Finekoudes to Paphos town. And vv.
I have taken a direct bus from Paphos (Karavella, but stopping by the Harbour) to Larnaca (FInekoudes). Operated by Intercity buses.
This tends to run only in the summer, and once a day only. It was at 1600 from Paphos.
But you have to get a little minibus from Finikoudes (Larnaca) to the airport. A bit of a joke really. Not a lot of room for luggage. And it goes all around the houses. Crazy route - in my opinion. But - this option is the cheapest, as far as I can tell.

Information on the minibus taking you from Finekoudes bus stop in Larnaca to Larnaca airport, and vv is here
Connection with Larnaca International Airport ... nection-en

Info on the Larnaca to Paphos (and vv) leg is here -
Paralimni, Ayia Napa & Larnaca - Pafos / Pafos - Larnaca, Ayia Napa & Paralimni ... 4E2B5FE4F6
but I believe it stops during the winter months. But I can't see any info on this at this link. Probably somewhere.

b) more usual route - changing on the outskirts of Limassol.
Larnaca airport to Finekoudes Larnaca (minibus); then Finekoudes to Limassol outskirts, then Limassol to Paphos.
And vv.

Prices, duration, timetable here, on the intercity buses website -
Larnaca - Limassol / Limassol - Larnaca ... FBF65C80F2

Limassol - Pafos / Pafos - Limassol ... B92B23B057

So for this route you need a total of 3 buses. Minibus from Larnaca airport to Finekoudes stop in Larnaca (info above, under 2 a) , then a bus to Limassol, and then another bus to Paphos.
intercity bus website here

Paphosbus website provides info on this route also
Intercity bus from Paphos to Larnaca Town ... irport-bus
(note this starts off by stating that there is no direct link - but there is - once a day, summer months. )

c) i) Larnaca airport to Paphos airport.
Larnaca airport to outskirts of Limassol; then Limassol to Paphos airport. And vv.

Two timetables can be found here. (from Oct 2016). This - to me - looks again like two buses. The timetable is not entirely clear.
I presume you take a bus first to Limassol, and then change on to Paphos airport.
Changing at Agios Georgios Havouzas in Limassol.
Obviously operated by Limassol Airport Express. This is different from Intercity Buses.
There is information also on this here, under Option 2 ... rt-shuttle
note that here the prices stated are higher than on the Limassol website (maybe not updated).

Note - you would then need to get from Paphos airport to Paphos itself, or wherever your final destination is.
There are nice a/c buses in Paphos, but in winter they don't run in the evening. And are not too frequent.
However they are much cheaper than taking a taxi. I'll post separately about buses from Paphos airport to Paphos (613 (Karavella, Old town), 612 (Harbour).
I've ridden 612. Very quick. Maybe 20 minutes journey time.

c) ii) Larnaca airport to Paphos airport.
Direct route operated by Kapnos Airport Shuttle.

Less frequent. Info and timetables at this link -
3 or 4 buses a day. Last one at 1830. Looks like you have to "book" your place.
States a journey time of 90 minutes. Quote from site -
Larnaca Airport → Paphos Airport (VALID FROM 13/01/2017 ) €15.00 (Child is 5.00. Student 10 euros. )

Note - you would then need to get from Paphos Airport to Paphos itself. See c) i) above.

3. Airport shuttle
Larnaca airport to Paphos
and vv.

Link to one site is here

They are quoting about 24 euros from the airport to Paphos.

Footnote -
Thought... Travelling with the Limassol Airport Express bus to Limassol (direct from the airport) and THEN changing to Intercity buses to get to Paphos Town is a possible option. Just two buses.

As always, please PM me with corrections and improvements. Thank you.
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Re: Larnaca airport to Paphos

Post by lionelcyprus » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:26 am

I have used both Travel Express, and the Kapnos Airport Shuttle - as mentioned by Susana above, this year.
Overall my impression of both was positive.
First Travel Express.
On the good side, they take you, as it were, from door to door.
So if you are, for example, less mobile, or laden with lots of luggage, then this might be for you.
They went rather around the houses. Also, there was a 20 or so minute wait in limassol for a second minibus.
I actually paid in two separate bits. I think 13 euros from Larnaca to Limassol. And maybe 11 from Limassol to Paphos.
The complete journey took just under 3 hours. I would think a direct taxi would take about 1.5 hours.
I got some taxi quotes - generally in the area of 110 euros.
So my feelings on this service are rather mixed. But if you are travelling on your own, then 24 euros in total is not bad.
And you can use the money you save for a couple of good dinners in Paphos!
But be prepared for a stopover in Limassol, and also for a tour of the back streets of Limassol, and maybe also Paphos.
Overall - reasonable value for money.
I should mention - their pick-up point at Larnaca airport is rather unclear. Fortunately they had my phone number.
On their website they talk about people waiting at the Kafenaio opposite the departures area (upstairs). This is where I waited.
But the minibus actually arrived and stopped straight outside the departures terminal - not on the cafe side.
I think their translation is not great on the website regarding pick-up points. This caused me some confusion, and I almost missed the minibus!
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Re: Larnaca airport to Paphos

Post by lionelcyprus » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:55 am

I forgot the Kapnos Airport Shuttle
This was impressive. I used this this year travelling from Paphos to Larnaca airport.
I used the messaging system on their website to book my place, and they e-mailed me confirmation within a few hours.

I had to get first to Paphos airport. As I have a monthly Paphos buses pass I simply used the bus from the harbour to get to the airport. This cost me nothing - effectively. Normal cost is 1.50 euros.
There were actually two buses at very similar departure times from Paphos airport. One to Limassol - I think the airport express.
Buses were parked straight across the road from the terminal. All on one level at Paphos, of course, unlike Larnaca.

The other bus was the one I took. The Kapnos Airport Shuttle.
A relatively new bus. Good a/c. Nice driver, polite.
I asked the lady outside the bus, from whom I got my ticket, if the service was "direct" and she told me "yes".
The cost was 15 euros.
Very close to the departure time a man got on wanting to go to Nicosia, I believe.
We were then (about 8 people on the minibus) told that people for Larnaca airport would change buses outside of Larnaca.
This did happen, and the changeover took about 3 minutes. Quick.
The complete journey time from Paphos airport to Larnaca airport was just under one-and-a-half hours. Good. Smooth journey.
The changeover took place on the sliproad. No major diversions.
Both minibuses had a trailer thing to put luggage in. No limit on baggage that I was aware of, although I only had a little hand luggage anyway.

Users on both the Travel Express, and the Kapnos services were mixed, i.e. both Cypriots and foreigners.

Overall - this service was good, and I will likely use it again.
Positives - quick, smooth, little hassle, nice newish buses. Clean.
I think the price of 15 euros is very good value for money, for a very quick service.
One proviso -
If you are looking to save money, you need to check that you can get the local bus from Paphos (town or harbour) to the airport, and v.v.
During off-season these local buses are not so frequent in early morning, or late evening.
And if there is no local bus, then you will probably have to pay maybe 30 euros or so for a local taxi.
Or get a friend to take you, or pick you up, in their car. :)
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Re: Larnaca airport to Paphos

Post by OhSusana » Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:09 pm

Update on Kapnos Airport Shuttle.
Family friend took it today. He said price still 15 euros from Larnaca airport to Paphos Airport.
He actually booked on the 1130, but was able to change to the 1015 bus with no problems.
6 people in the minibus. 5 Greek speaking. 1 English.
Arrival in Paphos was 10 minutes late. Some delay in leaving.
He then got the 1215 bus to the Harbour (612). Only 3 people on that bus apparently!
So Larnaca airport to Paphos harbour for 16.50 euros. Cheaper than a taxi. But slower.

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